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An ideal way to tour North America is to combine the freedom of the open road with the creature comforts of a hotel room – in other words, rent a motorhome! Cruise America and Cruise Canada offer a range of spacious and comfortable vehicles at great prices.

The different models are all well equipped with beds, WCs, kitchenettes and storage facilities.
Some of the larger vehicles even feature a shower and can sleep a family of up to seven people.

We offer a cost-effective pricing policy called Flex Plan. This is designed to give the best possible rate at the time the reservation is made.
People booking early will benefit the most. It is possible to get a traditional high season rental at traditional low season prices.
The day you make your reservation will determine the particular Flex Rate you are charged for your particular vehicle and rental date.
Speak to us to find out the rate for your preferred travel date – you might even arrange your itinerary around the most favourable rate date or pick up in a near by, or cheaper rated city.
Let us advise you.

For more information and prices, please call
0844 80 444 80.