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We are pleased to feature a wide selection of pre-packaged guided adventure programmes in Canada.
This exciting collection of guided packages gives you the opportunity to discover dramatic landscapes and enjoy activities and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Bear watching tours will take you as close to these fast and fearsome wonders as possible. Black bears, brown bears and polar bears are among Canada’s most beloved wilderness mammals. You’ll journey into Canada’s rugged interior wilderness to observe these legendary animals in their natural habitat.

Guided adventure packages will take you far off the beaten track into the vast Canadian wilderness. Strap on a pair of hiking boots, mount a horse or step into a canoe, sea kayak or white water raft in one of Canada’s national or provincial parks in British Columbia or Ontario.

How about spending some time in a resort or working ranch? You often have the opportunity to join ranch-hands as they tackle the daily chores of ranch life.
You will learn new skills and see Canada’s vast countryside as you explore nearby trails on horseback.

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