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If you’ve been shopping around comparing prices with different companies, it is important to establish whether they will clobber you with a credit card fee at the time of paying for the booking.

If they don’t mention it in their opening pages, whether it be a website or a brochure, the chances are that they will charge you the extra fee – this is normally about 2%. We firmly believe that the price you see is the price you should pay. Therefore, we will not charge you any extra fees.

Your Payment Is Protected
It is essential to make sure that you only ever book products on the Internet through a secure payment site. When you come to pay for your booking, you will automatically be connected to a totally secured site under the control of Barclaycard.
You can be sure that it’s secure as you will see a little padlock appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
Barclaycard’s secure site will ask you for your card details on our behalf. No one will be able to access your card details outside of this site, not even us!

We accept most major debit and credit cards, including the following: